When a customer visits our website, we may check out the IP address to find out their location so as to provide more customized services for them. The information obtained or collected from our customers including email address, name, and contact number is only for communication and promotional purposes. We do not share your information with anyone else.

As a Registered company with the Government, we follow all the Companies Act and the Data Protection Act. As specified in these acts we never disclose any of our customers’ personal information to anyone or any third party organization, however, also as stated in the aforementioned acts, we are expected to and will disclose any information about any client if demanded by the Law.

Policy for placing an Order:

When placing an order with the company all customer are expected to pay for the order in advance, since the work will only be started after you have made the full payment for your order.

At the time when you have placed and paid for your order, all customers are supposed to provide each and any information/brief/guidelines related to that particular order at the same time.

For orders with a delivery time frame of more than 4 days any information/brief/guidelines can be accepted within 24 hrs. of placing the order after that no information/brief/guidelines will be accepted.

For orders with a delivery time frame of less than 3 days any information/brief/guidelines can be accepted within 1 hrs. of placing the order after that no information/brief/guidelines will be accepted.

Policy for Revision:

As mentioned above all customer are expected to provide any information/brief/guidelines for their orders when order is confirmed, We will not be accepting any new or altered information/brief/guidelines when requesting a revision.

We understand there could be a chance of human error and if any new information/brief/guidelines will be provided while requesting it for a revision than customer might be asked to pay extra for that.

You may request for unlimited revision if we fail to follow any of your initial specified information/brief/guidelines. However following revision time frame will be followed as per order’s initial deadlines:

-Revision will take 3 days for Orders with initial deadline of more than 3 days.
-Revision will take 24 hrs. for Orders with initial deadline of less than 3 days.

Customers can avail a free revision request for 15 days after the first delivery of the order. After 15 days you can still request for a revision but will be required to pay an extra fee for it.

Refund Policy:

You have accepted all our above mentioned Policies and the Terms and Condition. You can request for a refund by emailing us to support@britassignment.co.uk our team will be evaluating your detailed concern and will get back to you within 5 business days to discuss about your request.

Since we have the highest number of satisfied customers but we understand things sometime could not go well and for that you may ask for a refund within 10 days of your initial delivery, if we fail to follow your provided information/brief/guidelines even after revisions. You will be required to provide a detailed information and reason for requesting a refund.

The refund will only be issued after the customer provide verifiable proof or any problems in the delivered work. The company has the right to deduct 50% of the total order amount as service charges incurred in working on the customer order. Refund amount will be decided by the company for such orders in which customer have availed a revision.

Refund or any chargeback is not entertained or is considered invalid if there is a claim after 10 days of initial order delivery.

Order(s) claiming for a refund will be thoroughly investigated by our team, which may take up to 30 working days. For orders having a deadline of less than 3 days, NO REFUNDS shall be granted.

The company reserves the rights to change, alter or even modify any number of parts of the website that we deem necessary at any time without any prior notification or consent from customers. All changes will displayed for viewership on the website once they have been completed.